The Boys’ Brigade
Cambridgeshire Battalion

Volunteering in The Boys' Brigade

Whatever your skills, experience and interests, we have a role for you!

Our volunteers come from all walks of life to share their skills and enthusiasm as times allows.

Volunteering in the BB will help give children and young people opportunities and experiences beyond what is possible in school or at home. At BB children and young people get involved in a huge range of exciting activities and adventures, from learning new skills such as first aid or juggling to fantastic adventures including trying out activities like kayaking, climbing, high ropes courses and more.

We need your help to allow more children and young people to experience the opportunities and adventures that the BB has to offer.

As a volunteer you can take an active part in some of these fun and exciting activities. Or you can simply help organise activities with the children and young people.

What can volunteering in the BB do for me?

As a volunteer you will get a great sense of satisfaction from watching the children and young people develop their confidence and skills, as well as have lots of fun. In addition, working to improve your community will give you a huge sense of personal achievement.

As a volunteer you'll also gain from the experience by making new friends and learning new skills that you can use at work or put on a CV.

The BB will also provide you with training opportunities to build on your existing skills as well as support guidance in your role.

What could you do in the time you have?

There are many ways of helping out to suit people with different interests and lifestyles. If you are short of time or are unsure if BB is for you, why not give it a go. Whether you can give an hour a month, or volunteer every week, then we have a role that is just for you.


Leader training in east anglia

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